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UI Design

Why you Needa User Interface

Every high-end program, app, web-portal, software etc. needs a user interface. No matter how complex a project is, Logic Networks has professionals that excel in making complex programs logical and user friend.

User Interface design is not solely based on graphics. Complex questions must be answered like user classes, permissions, input screens, etc.

How We Do It

There is always a specific method attached with every operation at Logic Networks. We analyze you project from the perspective of the end user and combine that analysis with our expertise to produce a novel user experience. Before we proceed to actually design, Logic Networks performs the following analysis.

The What and How of UI

The entire UI scenario is divided into two categories:the data set and the process used to present the data

The Data

The data is collected by the product and consist of:

  • Typography : Typecasting and Typesetting with both variable width and fixed width
  • Colors : Colors, Themes, Textures and Lights in case of Mobile Apps
  • Multimedia Data : Images, Symbols, Pictorial Data, Videos, Animations and Sounds
  • Rules : Set of thumb rules to be followed as per the product and brand. This applies to all the data we have above.


The Process

Once the data has been collected, it must be arranged effectively to produce the best user interface. We make UIs that improve not only your product but your business as well. This is accomplished by:

  • Sequencing : The first task to perform is to have a design and operational sequence in which the user will interact with the product.
  • Linking : The Relationship of the data and its Navigability are important factors. It is the overall approach to visual storytelling.
  • Organizing : The layout properties like format, proportions, and 2-D and 3-D organizations. It also contains the consistency at different levels.
  • Economize : One of the most important factors. We understand that the layout, organization and linking must not be complex. It must be simple, clearand distinctive.

Not only do we create a UI that is unique. We also use our knowledge of leading sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo etc. Since people are used to using these sites, making a UI that is similar can minimize the learning curve and provide better results.