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There are plenty of great reasons why Microsoft 365 is the world’s most popular productivity software suite. With one flexible, per user, low cost subscription (including small business and enterprise level packages) you and your team enjoy instant access to best-in-class applications, security and management tools.

● Streamline operations with Office 365 – including Word, Powerpoint and Excel
● Improve productivity with Microsoft Exchange emails, calendars and contacts
● Share work more efficiently with SharePoint (we can provide specialist consultancy to help your organisation get the most out of SharePoint)
● Communicate with staff more effectively using Microsoft Teams (including Skype for Business, Lync and online video conferencing).
● Secure company information and protect sensitive data with built-in mobile device management (MDM)

All for one single, simple, monthly cost.

As Microsoft Gold Certified partners, we help you find the right subscription for your business and provide full start-up and ongoing support with Microsoft 365 – so you can maximise throughput across your business.

As experts in the seamless migration, deployment and integration of all Microsoft 365 products, our high-quality consults and Microsoft engineers know exactly what it takes to deliver maximum business benefits.

5 Ultimate Benefits of Office 365 Migration

Still wondering why, you need to make a switch to Microsoft office 365 UK? Well, here’s a list of ultimate benefits that you’ll be introduced to once you opt for Office 365 migration.

–  Flexible Functionality

Ditch the limited way of email environment and say hello to flexible functionality. With Microsoft Office 365 migration, any authorized individual can gain access to company documents. No hassle for any VPN set up. Hassle-free functionality that saves you and your employees time and effort.

–  Access to Updated Features

Microsoft is always on the verge of new and improved features. Therefore, you can gain access to updated features automatically. You don’t have to go through the hassle of manually upgrading your business software as with Microsoft Office 365 UK you will always be able to work with new and improved solutions.

Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft office 365 allows enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) across all user accounts. MFA needs users to provide yet another layer of authentication, such as entering a unique code that was sent to their mobile number  It makes sure that no outsider can gain access to the associated account.

–  In-built Data Compliance & Security

As per the GDPR regulation, it becomes essential for your business to remain data compliant. Therefore, with office 365 migration you can be assured that your business is always compliant with data regulations. Since Microsoft office 365 has earned the ISO 27001 standard certification.

–  Ultimate Security

Microsoft office 365 is loaded with security features that make sure that your business stays secure and safe over the cloud. Features like updated antivirus signatures, Microsoft trustworthy computing and more ensures that no suspicious activity can take place in your business environment.

–  Huge Mailbox Storage

Piled up mails can cause disruptions in your server, either you need to delete or can be reported as spam. But not when you choose Office 365 migration. The huge Office 365 data backup allows you to store mails conveniently without any issues in your server.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Microsoft Office 365 migration and establish an advanced business environment over the cloud.

Proactively Monitor Your Environment

With numerous threats capable of breaching the network perimeter, having full visibility of Microsoft Office 365 account activity is vital. Having a full audit logging with Office 365 can help to detect any employee activity, such as which users have logged in and from where, what are they accessing and what changes they are making to the documents.

How Do Microsoft Scan The Vulnerability and Configuration Issues?

Machines can go unpatched, new configuration modifications can be made by mistake, and security code regression can build up. Microsoft has come up with automation for Free Office 365 Vulnerability Test to any similar kind of deterioration and allows you to quickly get a response to concerns with the security posture.

According to the risk factor, Microsoft prioritises the new security patches and other security upgrades. Our security team for online services will use security fixes and establish their risk level in our production settings. Within the proper remediation period, Microsoft service team members will examine the investigation of the security team and upgrade their components and baseline images with necessary patches.

The security agent detects all the known vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations using industry-standard techniques. Automated scans using the most recent vulnerability signatures are scheduled for production assets every day. The vulnerabilities are reported daily and evaluated monthly to access the breadth and depth of patch coverage throughout the environment. The findings of these scans are stored safely in a central location and allow different teams to access them through automated reporting.

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