Email Archiving Products

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Efficient email archiving will help your organisation reduce storage costs, improve information accessibility and maintain strong security practices across all employee inboxes.

We recommend several different options depending on your usage and requirements:


Create 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive, with full security and instant availability of data when you need it. MailStore is ideal because it still lets users access emails via Outlook, mobile devices or web browser and search at super-fast speed.


If you want to avoid the complexities and costs of on-premise email archiving, Mimecast is an excellent cloud archive option. It’s secure and flexible, and really easy to use if you want to implement email retention policies for your business.

Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving

For advanced email archiving capabilities, and outstanding integration with Outlook, Microsoft’s Exchange Online Archiving is a top choice. Creating a specialised ‘archive’ mailbox along your usual mailbox folders means instant, easy access to archived emails. Search both your primary inbox and your archive mailbox too.

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