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Cloud computing allows you to work on systems that are hosted outside of your offices as if they were in your offices. The advantage of this is that you do not need to invest in expensive IT hardware or software or have to worry about upgrades or PC performance. As long as you have a PC, Smart phone or tablet and internet access you will have access to your cloud. We will work with you to customise your Cloud to meet your individual needs

Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Computing

Over the years, there has been a massive surge in the number of cloud computing companies as more and more businesses switch to cloud computing services. Why? Well, find out the reasons for yourself.

  1. Flexibility

Businesses get great mobility when they switch to cloud computing. No matter where your employees are, they can easily gain access and work freely without having the need to be present in a specific location. In the case of collaborative work, they can view and edit the documents simultaneously from multiple locations.

Partnering with cloud computing companies reduces the hassle of downloading or installing software on your own. With features such as virtual storage capacity and adaptability, cloud computing offers easy access to software or data from any device anywhere. Simply, you need an internet connection.

It also allows you to scale your cloud usage up or down as per your requirement and only make a payment for what you are actually using. While making changes to any sort of service could take months in the past, it can be done in minutes with the help of cloud computing.

Hence, the number of workstations is reduced and workflow is smooth. Flexibility is at its peak when you switch to cloud computing services.

  1. Lessens Cost

Setting up a data center and running it effectively can be expensive. From hiring the right technician to make the system work to purchasing and maintaining the equipment, a lot of things are involved.

But that’s not the case when it comes to cloud computing. Switching to cloud means paying only for the services that are procured. The cloud computing companies will only charge you for what you asked for.

The need for making large payouts for disk and storage space is no longer required if you switch to cloud computing. You can also avoid the charges for purchasing, installing, and upgrading expensive software. With the cloud, you will get access to several applications that are free of charge as well as only pay for applications when needed. You can easily scale the cloud usage to fit your needs.

  1. Security

Storing of data over physical servers or data centers can be a lot riskier than cloud computing. The chances of theft can be high. But this concern is eliminated when you go for cloud computing.

Accessing, deleting or securing your data can occur conveniently over cloud computing. Plus, breaching the security perimeters of the cloud is tougher than any physical server.

In addition, as the cloud does almost everything for you, you may avoid using your valuable IT staff resources for maintaining servers, fixing bugs, or looking after software updates. This will allow your IT employees to spend less time on maintenance activities. They will get more time to focus on strategic initiatives for your company.

These are just some of the reasons for you to switch over cloud computing. Here we help the willing businesses to make the switch and get the best of cloud computing.

All the above reasons are a great incentive for moving your business to the cloud. Partnering with cloud computing companies will help you to maximize the returns on your investment. Here at Logic Networks, we are proud to offer a cloud computing plan that will minimize downtime, safeguard your data in transit, and help you to meet all the parameters of compliance and security.