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Website Design

Logically speaking, web design to a web-site is what a web-site is to a company, an identity and personality defining factor for the hard work done at the back end. Hence, design plays a key role in the production of a website. A strongly developed website may lose its heart without an innovative design that gives the user a pleasant and friendly experience when using it.

How We Pursue a Web Design Project

Over the course of developing a web design project, the most important meeting is the very first one. Gathering information to give us a sense of the project, by determining the user’s needs and company’s image, gives us an extremely important spring board from which to begin. From that initial meeting, all others continue to flow in a positive direction, taking care that our client receives regular updates of our designs as they come to fruition, constantly ensuring that the client’s vision remains intact. See below how involved we are in the process of designing before it goes into development.

Core Aspects of a Design Project

Logic Networks follows a different path from others in the industry. We strive to achieve a unique design for our projects, so that they stand out from the typical generic sites all over the internet. This is why we prepare an outstanding, individual design for each of our clients – we don’t want to be just average. We want our clients to see our initial concept and be blown away.

Goal Oriented Design:

In the early development of web-world and static web pages, websites were used simply for an additional form of advertising. Today, they have become an integral part of a business’s development. Of course, each website is designed with its own unique purpose, some strictly earn revenue, some exist to provide information, some strive to create brand recognition, while others are for pure entertainment. From day one, your company’s goals are assessed and a plan is formulated to achieve them. Visit www.canzaciti.com for how we consider a client’s business goals in web-design.


Simple and Clear Navigation:

Helps to connect and improve communication between a user and a website’s features. We first try to consider the flow with the user’s eye and make it as easy and clear as possible. Hence, our websites are user-friendly in nature. The best example is our ecommerce portal, TheAutoPartsShop. See how one page can lead you to three multiple tasks on www.theautopartsshop.com,an optimum Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Color Scheme & Theme:

Any accomplished designer knows that the foundation to any design is its color. That’s why we take extra care in choosing the tone of the page, always considering the type of business model presented, while continuing to blend the color scheme throughout. For our client, Obsidian Financial Group, we chose a competitive stone tone, knowing that, psychologically, darker tones portray a tougher competitor. Visit www.obsodianfg.com for the flawless stone tone. What color scheme will set the tone for your business?

Design features we offer in a suite:

  • One custom eye catching website layout design
  • No Ready made Templates, we design as per your unique needs
  • Flash Banner design
  • Up to 10 static pages designed
  • Drop down menu (if required)
  • Product Image slide show (if required)
  • Inquiry form
  • HTML and XML site map
  • Free one year support for minor changes in previously designed pages

Corporate Branding Suit:

Your company’s image is comprised of a host of individual decisions, from something as simple as a logo design to an overall corporate image. The end result, however, must be a unified and simple to understand representation of your corporate vision. Our dedicated team at Logic Networks understands how to draw all of your concepts together, and into a website that is a visually stunning representation of how you want your business portrayed to the world.

Allow us to provide the guidance to assist you in focusing your corporate vision into a design that communicates to your customers and draws them in. We offer the following:

  • Corporate logo design
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Trade show materials
  • Graphics and banners
  • Product data sheets and flyers
  • CD/DVD label design