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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimization

These days almost everyone uses social media outlets to communicate, spread information, and/or market pretty much everything. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Google+ are more than methods of chatting with old friends or ways to show off pictures of your children. Rather, they have become an integral part of any effective marketing strategy. Building pages on Social Media sites give you an assurance that your Ad will be viewed. We can ensure that a Social Media component in your SEO campaign will attract viewers from places that other methods cannot. Social Media Service plays an extremely vital role in an overall SEO campaign because it directly hits a viewer’s personal profile, unlike other more indirect optimization techniques.

Here are some techniques and features that Logic Networks can incorporate into your Social Media Services. The campaign is unique to the company profile, target audience and budget.


Exclusive and Effective Strategy for Social Media

Apart from a traditional SEO strategy, our work in Social Media Services is strictly as per the road map we create in mutual agreement with our client, ensuring that the strategy can be effective within a short period of time. Based upon factors unique to each clients’ needs, it is determined if the need for Social Media exists, and where to place the information to get the greatest benefit with the lowest cost to the client.

Our Key Components and Specialties

  • Strong Network : One key factor of an effective Social Media Campaign is a strong, wide network that can hit the vastest Social Network audience. These types of campaigns are inter-related with each other. Therefore, we take a tactical mix of social media campaigns that would most closely interact with your target viewers. For example, we can connect your social media platform and networks to your website and blog, while on the other hand connecting your social networks to your website so that you can immediately publish new blog posts. Most often, we enable Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and sometimes Google+. However, we can go for any number and type of social media outlet depending on your requirements.
  • Quality Content : Our strategy involves a focus on quality over quantity. We don’t believe in posting bulk content randomly on all media. All Social Media venues have their own theme and nature of the platform. For example, a Facebook page and a Twitter conversation will be very different in nature. We also ensure that our content remains spam free. We see to it that your blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts offer your audience something interesting, unique, and useful, reflecting your subjects’ personality, tone and style, points often overlooked.
  • Active Posting : Active Postings are a means for taking your website content to a new height. Once good content is posted, even with strong networking, it doesn’t necessarily serve your purpose effectively unless it is live and active. There are many methods that we utilize for keeping your content like a live wire. Sharing, Voting, Commenting, Re-posting, Linking etc., are some of the activities that we perform to keep your content talked about.