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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Necessity for any Online Business

What’s the first thing you do when you want to research a product you don’t know much about? You’ll open a search engine to identify the best product to meet your needs, or the closest solution to your problem. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, the top-rated bicycle (and then the cheapest), or the answer to virtually any question, you will most likely surf the web utilizing a Search Engine. As an on-line business, getting listed on the earliest page possible in the search results is the most effective way to drive traffic your way. And there are many ways that a professional SEO company like Logic Networks can utilize to get that listing optimized for you. See our SEO and SEM services to understand the methods we use to get your listing seen.

Our SEO Strategy Layout


Standard SEO Procedures

Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service, or as a part of a broader marketing campaign. To understand the benefits of SEO, we must understand what SEO really means. To begin with, search engines lists results called Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) –following what are called “Spider Algorithms’ that dependon word density, link redirecting, etc. Therefore, an optimizer must perform a thorough and precise plan of action.

  • Through Keyword Analysis : Using the most relevant and popular keywords for the site and its product, to generate and convert traffic. This is what is referred to as a Front-end technique or an On-page optimization.
  • Through Back-end Tools : Web Analytic tools and other HTML Validation tools extracta great deal of tracking information from a website, such as the volume of visitors and conversion rates. Therefore, this allows a high degree of measurement of a website’s success, not only in reaching its target market, but of how many visitors convert to sales. These tools constantly evaluate the “invisible” part of the website, which is the code itself. This guides an optimizer to the Meta tags to be inserted and modified in the HTML code of that page.
  • Through Linkages : According to the Spider Algorithm mentioned earlier, another important methodology that traditional search engines follow is to check the cross linking of the to-be-ranked page. A page that can be redirected from numerous other pages may achieve a higher ranking. Hence, the optimizer creates the linkages with effective key-words and performs an effective cross-linking with the pages related to the same topic and field of the website.

SEO @ Logic Networks

At Logic Networks we perform an honest SEO plan for your business, one that is intricate and detailed. We don’t cut corners in our code, but create a line-line-line strategy that works. Once you contact with us to optimize your web business, we move forward in a step-by-step, highly methodical manner.

Initially, we will perform Website Auditing, which is an analytical overview of the website to be optimized. We perform extensive research on the market trends for that site or product. We determine the business analysis and traditional audience approach for that business and track history of online demands for the product or service.

After analyzing the website’s unique requirements, we outline the perfect strategy suitable for each client, termed SEO Strategy Defining. Once our research is done and approved plan is in place, we put the plan into action. We may then further determine the need for paid marketing and pay per click.