Bespoke Software

No two businesses are the same! So why should your software be the same as your competitors?

There unfortunately is no simple answer or rule book to follow that guarantees success for your business. If there was we’d have all rushed out, bought the book and be currently running highly successful businesses.

In reality there is no ‘establishing your own multi-million pound business’ book on the shelves. There’s no guarantee that one approach that brings big success for one business will deliver the same results for another.

Businesses become successful mainly due to their staff. They see the fine details of their operations, and finely tune how they operate to work. This way they can work at maximum efficiency and profitability at all times.

Where computer software systems have become central to business operations (for many companies software and information will be the heart of all they do), why do so many think a generic package will be suitable to their needs?

Have you as a business considered whether your software is best suited for the type of work you do? Is it relevant to how your workforce operates and accesses it? Does it produce analytics and data you can make good use of, and does it ensure efficiency across the company? If no, why not?

At Logic Networks, we pride ourselves on developing bespoke software systems for each and every client that comes to us for our expertise; whether that be a one-off new system, or as an ongoing extension to a company’s IT department.

We know that off-the-shelve packages aren’t always the answer; even though they are a convenient option as they include all the basic software required to do a job with minimum fuss and disruption.

Do they work? Yes, of course they do. But do they add true value? Bring about extra efficiency and perhaps even help to identify new opportunities? Quite often the answer is no.

Our team focuses on understanding what your businesses objectives are of using new software. They are built to each individual clients’ needs, across a wide variety of technologies and platforms, and they are unique to that particular business.

By knowing how a customer wants their software to fit into their business, we can tailor a system that will bring big benefits. Whether it is something as simple as making systems accessible via mobile and tablets or making it easier for information to be updated and shared across a business and between key individuals.

The key is making your software work as you want it to. Ensuring it manages and presents your key information and data in a way which makes it easy for you to digest, understand, and make full use of.

If your system is simply holding your data, but not making it work for you, it isn’t bringing extra value to your business. Perhaps you are missing opportunities to progress that perhaps you never knew existed.